Meet Our Team

Talvin B

Talvin has always had a fascination with internet marketing and he has been conducting different internet marketing campaigns since 2015. Talvin deals with the marketing section and makes sure all of our campaigns, internal processes, and teamwork runs smoothly. Talvin enjoys paintballing, kayaking, and running nature trails.

Melissa P

Website Designer / SEO Specialist
Having received her Bachelors degree in computer science, Melissa has personally worked on over 100 website projects. Melissa enjoys learning about code, Search Engine optimization, anime, and reading.

Chetachi E

Google Ads / Facebook Ads Specialist
Being a debate star for Baylor University, Chetachi found her voice, work ethic, and how to deal with adversity. Transitioning into sales, Chetachi proclaims herself as empathetic, authentic, and has a true passion for helping business owners.

Zachary Z

Having worked at one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world, Zachary decided to run his own business. After using his digital marketing experience to run campaigns, he simply realized he cannot do all of the work, and put together a team. Zachary now deals with client relations, collaborating on campaigns, and prospecting new clients. He enjoys disc golf, the outdoors, self-development, and sales training.

Mitchell B

Facebook & Instagram Ads Specialist
Mitchell being an ASU alumni has always had a fascination with internet marketing and he has been running Facebook ads since 2014. Having spent over a combined million dollars in ad spend, Mitchell has developed a thorough system for providing Exclusive Leads on Facebook & Instagram. Mitchell enjoys painting, getting tattoos, the outdoors, and hanging with his family & friends.

Mark K

Google Ads Specialist
Mark has been conducting Google Ads Campaigns since 2003. Having worked within thousands of accounts, Mark has the science of decreasing the cost-per-acquisition down to a science. Mark enjoys spending time with his family, watching the Philadelphia Eagles, and enjoying a beer when he's not working.